Lagos is set to employ 20,000 youth through Ministry of Environment.


Cleaner Lagos Initiative

CleanerLagosAs much progress as we have made in Lagos State in the areas of economic development, security, improved infrastructure and other achievements, many will agree that we are lagging in one area and that is environmental pollution and cleanliness.

Although we have made significant gains, much to the credit of previous administrations and the private sector participants.

The positive impact that these efforts have had over the years on the Lagos landscape is undeniable. However, we must acknowledge the environmental degradation that plagues the State and the urgent need for a world class comprehensive waste management system that addresses this crucial quality of life issue.

The Cleaner Lagos Initiative was established for this purpose. A holistic approach to address the inefficiencies in our current system and identify, develop and implement concepts and solutions that address the challenges we face with unsafe sources of water, food and energy, climate change, air pollution, improper waste management practices, and our debilitating utilities infrastructure.

Given the complexities and array of environmental challenges unique to the Lagos environment, it is vital that our efforts to protect the environment are focused on the improvement of it. I am a firm believer in the notion that there is no leadership without risk. We must seek innovative avenues and technology in our quest to a cleaner and healthier Lagos. If we are to achieve our goals of becoming the greenest city in Africa by 2020, eliminating pandemics that are cutting short the lives of our children, providing a better quality of life for every Lagosian, it must begin with changing our mindset and our belief systems.

Success in meeting our goals relies heavily upon collaboration between government, local businesses, and the public to overcome the barriers that stand between us and our desired outcome. We must focus efforts to increase the public’s understanding of public health and the environmental benefits. The ardent pursuit of our goals will benefit not only the environment but the economy with the creation of 29,000 new jobs and another 18,000 indirect jobs stemming from the multiplier effect of the new income stream injected into the Lagos economy. I have the utmost faith in the people of Lagos that we can turn things around.

We must encourage meaningful engagement amongst ourselves and become better stewards of our environment. We must invest in our environment, our health, and our children’s future and we need each other to succeed. I am confident that the rewards will far outweigh the risk. 

Itesiwaju Ilu Eko, lo je wa l‘ogun.

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